S K E T C H I N ‘

I bought a book years and years ago called “How to make a journal of your life” by Dan Price. It was a fun & quick read about the art of sketching as more of a meditative practice. There are all sort of ways to ease your mind but this has slowly become one of my favorites.

Today was a VERY slow day at work. So i decided to bring a tiny notebook to write down my to-do lists and/or thoughts. But then i got sick of it. I didn’t want to be at work consuming my mind with all the other things I needed to get done. I wanted to just find a meditative activity to help pass the down time. So I started sketching my little heart away.

Look at my sketches…they are terrible! As you can see, I am no artist.
But you do NOT have to be an artist to ENJOY this activity as an observer of your surroundings.


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