Said the 8-year-old who drove his 4-year-old sister to Mcdonalds for cheeseburgers. Okay, he didn’t really say that but that shit is WIIIIILD. Supposedly he abided by all the traffic laws and when asked how he learned he said on youtube, OF COURSE.

Gone are the days when kids were left to wondering about things after asking their parents “BUT WHY, BUT WHY, BUT WHY?” and their parents responding “Because that’s how it is” with no further explanation. We are now in the era of Youtube and now if kids want to learn anything they have the information right at their fingertips. Although many would say that I am still a youngin’ myself, these days are much different from my dial-up days as a child.

It seems in this day & age, that most people want to focus on all the negatives aspects of technology when it comes to someone leading a happy + fufilling life. However, I think it’s important to recognize that there are positives too. It’s not ALL bad. Nowadays if a kid wants to learn how to cook a certain dish or how to fix a car or how to make money online he has the resources to do so. A kid can essentially fuel their own passions and interests. That shit is D-O-P-E to me.

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that technology can have negative effects on individuals but unfortunately, technology isn’t going to just vanish into thin air. We need to recognize that the internet and social media can and should be thought of as tools that we need to learn how to USE rather ABUSE so that they are working FOR US rather than AGAINST US.


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