Today is my mama’s birthday y’all. You know the one who gave me LIFE. Without her there wouldn’t be this BLOG….you literally wouldn’t be reading all my bullshit if she didn’t give birth to ya girl AK(A), JOKES ON YOU. She’s not perfect. She once tripped on the stairs and I went tumbling down and BROKE my leg. Did I cry you ask? HELL NO. I took that shit like a champ and kept on walkin’ with a little pimp limp but I kept moving nonetheless. You think i’m joking?


Anyways, shout out to the one who gives me the privilege to buzz around this world via flight benefits. That is LIFE-CHANGING. My mama keeps me laughing and is actually hilarious as fuck. When you’re a kid you don’t really know how funny your parents are because I mean C’MON…. you’re a kid. I grew up one day and was like wait…yooooo my mom is funny as hell as an actual adult rather than a child who laughs at anything. No complaints here.

Alright, let’s be honest. Y’all probably came to read about the MARIJUANA part. Well, today I am gonna say shoutout to the folks that can smoke Mary Jane and conquer the world WHENEVER, WHEREVER, you’re meant to be togetherrr. I know for many of you tokin’ HELPS you do your thang rather than STOPS you from doin’ your thang. So DO YOUR THANG. 

I am not that type of person. As I grow older, I am turned off more and more by smoking whenever, wherever. I turn into a lazy piece of shit. I become anti-social. I become more self-conscious and over-analyze everything and everyone. This video was literally made for the people that get like me when I have smoked in the past. 

Catch my drift? Let’s also give a shout out to those of us who have recognized that smoking just aint really OUR thang and rather than having it be something that pushes us forward it holds us back. That’s OKAY too. As we all get older, we need to recognize what works for some of our friends, might not work for us too. It’s okay to not be the cool twenty-something smoking weed and getting tons of shit done. It’s not for everyone and we’re not in high school anymore there’s no need to try to be something you’re not.


Anna Kiley

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