eat, eat, eat, rep-EAT

NYC is one of the best cities in the world for eating + drinking and it’s a HELL of a distraction for someone like myself trying to you know..BLOG DAILY. If I am not at work in NYC, I am probably spending my time scrolling through a million apps like Zagat, Culture Trip, Yelp, The Infatuation, etc. to find all the best eats I have not had the pleasure of eating yet.

Eating, napping, drinking coffee, and attending the occasional comedy show/jazz jam is how I spend most of my downtime in the big apple. SHOUT OUT TO GOD, that I have a boyfriend who can put up with my endless scrolling of “The best of ____” food lists without throwing a temper tantrum (I’m so proud of you boo). By the time I make a decision on where to eat, my stomach is practically eating itself. I need to work on that.

So yes, if you are ever planning a trip to NYC and need some suggestions on where to eat, I am YOUR girl.



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