I am moving to THE WINDY CITY.

I have found a lovely place in Logan Square that will allow me to live on a month-to-month basis which is about how much someone like myself can commit herself to. Listen, I have been debating where to settle down for at least a couple months. I thought i’d try to stay in Minneapolis or Atlanta or NYC or Los Angeles, etc. and ultimately it came down to an ideal living situation in a city that will give me plenty of options to explore different things in life.

Dora has been doing so much exploring that it’s been hard to really explore HERSELF on a deeper level. What does that mean? Welllllll I am just a tiny bit OBSESSED with self-development and I have all these THINGS that I have wanted to do forever and all these habits that I have been wanting to form forever and I have found it VERY hard to stay committed to these daily routines while ALSO traveling and living out of my suitcase and it’s so exhausting, I mean SO EXHAUSTING in fact it’s almost as EXHAUSTING as this run-on sentence.

What I am trying to accomplish over the next couple of months:

  • Complete Improv Level A @ Second City
  • Wake up around 5 or 6 am on the regular
  • Post on on a very regular basis
  • Start video blogging
  • Cooking on the regular + meal planning
  • Try my hand at rock climbing and/or bouldering
  • Do yoga on the regular so I can get rid of these terrible lower back pain
  • Attend more concerts + comedy show

Also, if you’re in CHICAGO and want to meet up &

// explore

// eat

// drink

// collaborate

// see comedy

// see music

// do whatever the fuck you’re into doing

// DM ya girl @ Instagram // Facebook // Email


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