ARE YOU PHO-KING KIDDIN’ ME?” is what I said to myself today when I woke up hungover from wine + beer + tequila and I am here to tell you, it was NOT worth it. Damn, I guess this is growing up.. holy shit it hurts. I do not like feeling so woozy that it seems impossible to sit still and meditate without wanting to hurl one, ya feel me? (DISCLAIMER: I did NOT actually hurl one) But I woke up at 6:30 am today and laid around in my bed trying to figure out how I was gonna kick this damn thing and proceeded to take a huge shot of PICKLE juice. Yeah, supposedly that shit helps. Then, later on, I made a smoothie bowl with ginger to soothe the soul (Not enough ginger, clearly).

It is now 6:55 PM as I write this and I am here to tell you that OBVIOUSLY, I feel better than I did when I woke up, but I still feel like shit and THIS SHIT SUCKS. Drinking is now becoming way more overrated in my eyes and I know we have all told ourselves a billion times after having a bad hangover ~*~*~*~OMG IM DONE DRINKING, NEVER AGAIN~*~*~*~ type of stuff. BUT Y’ALL, my habits are sticking much more these days and cutting back on my drinking is not so far-fetched anymore.

THANKFULLY, I ordered some Pho via Postmates*

*SHOUT OUT to my free delivery credit — thanks to all the lovely folks that believe in me and using my code — so that during my worst hangovers or lazy days I can order from wherever I want with less guilt because at least I am not paying a delivery fee — Yeah, I really had like 4 free deliveries saved up and now they are almost gone AKA  use my code for postmates and get $100 in delivery credit for a week — Not a bad deal — We both win

Anyways back to the point. PHO IS THE CURE FOR ALL. Order some on your worst days of sickness and hangovers or heartbreak and dive right in. This stuff is amazing and better than Ramen, I am sorry but it’s true.


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