Fuck Being a Triple Threat

I worked at the 2016 fashion Coachella show (Yes, this is a bit outdated — Whatever)

Sia was headlining one of the nights and I honestly did not care. The only song I cared about was “Breathe Me” which was REAL OLD. I wasn’t sure I cared to listen to a whole set for just one track. But my co-workers wanted to see her and I figured I could see the other headliner the following weekend. And y’all, I was BLOWN AWAY. She stood there in the corner on her little podium with her wig and her bangs covering her face. And her dancers + actors came to life as she sang. I could not look away. It was entertaining and beautiful and the concept was ON POINT.

Sia is the type of artist I can get behind.

Here she is, standing in the corner of the stage, while she has actors and dancers doing the entertaining as she’s left to her own devices as a SINGER.

I think it’s kind of WACK that all these celebrities are expected to DO IT ALL. 
If you’re a singer, sing.
If you’re a dancer, dance.
If you’re an actor, act.
If you really love the combination of all of those things then YES by all means, OF COURSE, do your thaaang and own it.
But since when does someone have to DO IT ALL?

This performance brought to light that Sia is staying true to herself and that is fucking dope and beautiful and we should all embrace our inner Sia, and be whoever we want to be, do whatever we want to do, and rest assured that we have the power to make our own decisions. 

Fuck Hollywood. 

Fuck the expectation to be a “Triple Threat”.

Society has created many rules that aren’t necessarily based on anything but someone or some “elite” group of people’s opinion of the way they think things OUGHT TO BE. Some make sense, but many don’t. Use your brain, think for yourself, and QUESTION if your beliefs are actually YOURS or one’s that you’ve inherited or established based off of little reasoning. 

Find what you love and find a way that works for YOU.
Not everyone has to be fucking Beyoncé.

Interview with Sia:

Listen to Breath Me:


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