This is just a little post full of gratitude for the type of best friend who knows how to buy gifts. I am super late on posting this so please FORGIVE ME but this is what my best friend Cyarra gave me for my birthday.

  • A wrapped present from Lush Cosmetics bath bombs called “Take Five”. It includes four bath bombs (Avobath, Pink, Sakura, Over And Over) + one luxury bath oil.
  • A little book called “The Daily Promise” 
  • Three teas (Coconut Palm, Marrakech Chai, Plum Berry) from Sencha Tea Bar in Minneapolis, MN 

All of these gifts fall under the theme “Take care of yourself” and that is my favorite type of theme. Now I know y’all are like COOL ANNA tea is delicious and bath bombs are pretty tight but what’s that fucking book? “The Daily Promise” LOL CHEESY AS FUCK. And I am here to tell you that as you get older it’s important to learn to be KIND to yourself. This book is actually kind of tight and learning to love yourself without being a complete fucking narcissistic asshole is usually a great idea and I highly recommend it.

When you open up the book the left page has a quote and the right page has a daily promise for you to keep in mind for the day as well as a little reasoning behind it. ~*~*~ Call it what you want ~*~*~*  because yes…..sometimes it can feel a little embarrassing to have it on your bedside table. “LOL DAILY PROMISE TO WHAT?! LOVE YOURSELF?! ” But that’s okay y’all. 

We are so often accepting of our own self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior we forget how much it affects us in our day-to-day lives. I would rather wake up and make some cheesy daily promise to myself that will help me focus on what’s important throughout my day than wake up and go full force into my day with a cloudy head full of negative bullshit. 

Anyways, the ACTUAL  takeaway from this is if you don’t know what to get someone give them a “TREAT YOSELF’ gifts. You can’t go wrong with things that will make that person feel good about themselves. 

Some days, i’m “cool”.
Other days, i’m gouda.
But, Some days i  want to get down with the GET DOWN already,
& channel my inner-fucking-BUDDHA ya FEEL me?! 


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